Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Sad Farewell From Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops!

Well folks, after five wonderful years of workshops, at least 13 projects later (some repeated several times) and literally thousands of kits, pages and pages of instructions and even our own blood on occasions (those craft knives are bloomin' sharp) is time to bid you all farewell from Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops.

We would both like to convey our huge thanks for your support, friendship and enthusiasm in all your creative journeys with us. We feel very privileged to have been allowed into so many of your miniature worlds over the past five years and it has been an absolute pleasure to have met you! As Robin is ready to embrace her retirement, Celia very much hopes to continue with miniature workshops once Mr KT's health has improved - hopefully next year! 

The workshop website will remain live until the end of this month (July 2016) then after that time, if you type in the workshop domain name, you will be redirected to Celia's KT Miniatures website. She hopes to create a gallery of past workshop projects on her new KT Miniatures website very shortly, which you can use for future reference if needed.
Over The Little Garden Fence - Our Very First Workshop Project
It has been quite some journey since that very first half-day workshop we held in the Thame Guide HQ back in the summer of 2011...when we made a miniature scene called "Over The Little Garden Fence". 

What brilliant fun this has all been!

We hope that you have enjoyed your creative adventures with us and that we have helped to inspire and give you new techniques that you can continue to use for years to come. 

So thank you all once again and now the creaky old Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops doors are finally closed.

Celia & Robin

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