Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Looking Back at the Old Garden Shed...and gardens

One of the nicest things for all of us, is that we can never truly say that our miniature projects are finished.....and it's true of all the gardens and garden sheds that have been completed thus by our lovely participants in the Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops.

So every now and again we are thrilled when another picture arrives in our inbox to discover that one of the little gardens has grown a clump of holly hocks....or a  series of paths now links three gardens and a shed....a bird has flown in or bulbs are being planted.  The garden sheds are so individual too, reflecting perhaps a keen interest in gardening or an old chap's shed with the odd chair in need of repair and his tools to hand.

The sheds themselves are in various states of dilapidation...there are patched and mossy corrugated roofs and beautifully aged, crumbling woodwork - in a number of colours and scruffiness. All the attendees have both excelled themselves - and perhaps surprised themselves.

The old adage - you don't know what you can do until you try - is demonstrated at each workshop.
Special thanks to Julie, Karen,Alison and Maggie for providing such splendid photographs of their beautiful creations and allowing us to share them with you. Sadly it isn't possible to use all the photographs that are so kindly sent to us, but we endeavour to show more on the website and will have more on the Blog another time.

The most recent Workshop - The Little Vintage Hall- was another lively and successful afternoon and we shared very different techniques in creating a unique old village hall set in the late 1930s/early 1940s. We're hoping to have some super pictures of this one up soon!
A hint of things to come...............
The follow up workshop to The Little Vintage Hall is The Other Room  -  just that - a smaller room that can added to the hall or stand alone. It isn't necessary to have done the first workshop to take part in this one and there are still a couple of places available for booking.

The workshop is on 9th September at Thame Girl Guiding Headquarters in Thame. All the details for this one and the next two workshops to be held this year are on our NOSTALGIA IN MINIATURE are lots of pictures!

Meanwhile - we are 'distempering' old walls and laying the lino ready for the next workshop prototype......and what fun it will be coming shortly.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Little Vintage Hall Workshop - Last Sunday!

On a very wet and blustery day, the very first workshop in our new theme of The Little Vintage Hall kicked off at Thame Girlguiding HQ. Due to severe gales and torrential rain, we had been told that damage had been done to the roof, and to expect buckets and bowls catching the drips in the kitchen area. So it was with some trepidation that we arrived to prepare for the workshop....but all was well and the drips were contained.
Everyone enthusiastically launched into the project, working at their own pace and getting their hands very dirty!

With newly learnt skills and techniques of cardboard floorboards, aging walls etc.....participants produced some impressive halls that looked like they had been around for decades! Then at the end, everyone could take their projects, with the remainder of their kits and instructions to complete at home in their own time.

Do let us have photos of your completed projects ladies - we would love to see them!

As always, we created a little sales table with various miniatures to look at and buy, and  used some of our own period memorabilia to provide a backdrop.

And finally.......we are pleased to announce that a wonderful £34.25 has been raised from the Breast Cancer Campaign Raffle & refreshments. Thank you ladies as always, for your wonderful generosity!

Our next workshop and second project in this theme will take place on September 9th.  Booking has now opened and spaces are already being snapped up quickly  for...

We currently have just 4 spaces remaining so if you would like to book, please do get in touch asap.
Celia & Robin