Thursday, 25 June 2015

June Workshop Catch Up & News Of Our 2016 Workshop Project...

We must begin by thanking absolutely everyone who came to our June workshops over the past two Saturdays. We hope you all enjoyed it and that you are pleased with your little shops.
Saturday 13th June - well blimey, what a shocker!! When we arrived at the venue all bright and bushy tailed, we discovered brand new plush tables and flashy tub chairs. All very nice BUT the tables were smaller than the old ones and the chairs did not stack.  So we had to unexpectedly spend a considerable amount of time in trying to jig tables and find a place for more than 40 unwanted chairs! The result was that we were more cramped than we were used to and had less time to set up actual workshop items but the ladies coped brilliantly and were very patient.

 And now to June 20th Workshop....
After a week of pondering, we managed to lay out the room differently for this second workshop and it worked so much better ie. we pulled the line of tables nearer to the middle of the room and laid a line of newspaper covered tables behind everyone in all directions, so that throughout the day components, shop carcass etc. could be continually moved out of the way during the various stages - so much better!  So we will be using this system in all future workshops. We also noted that with these small tables there is simply no room for workboxes but with the new room layout, there was plenty more space to store those behind too.
When you have completed your little vintage toy send us some photos as we would love to show everyone your wonderful creations on here!!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone at both workshops who so generously donated to our Breast Campaign Raffle.....with extra donations too, we have managed to raise a magnificent total of £92.76!!! This will be held over until all 2015 workshops have taken place then a cheque will be sent to the charity from Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops.

2016 Workshop Project

Plans are already afoot for the "BIG" 2016 workshop project. However, all we can say at the moment about it is that we are aiming for a Saturday in May/June next year, at the same Bicester venue and in the similar region of price as our current project.  Sorry but we will not be able to offer a Group Discount at any of the 2016 workshops,  it simply is no longer viable for us due to ever increasing costs.
As to the project....well we are hoping to create a different kind of miniature shop very much in the early 1900s German style. It will be very pretty and antique looking, and it will be offered in both 1/12th and 1/24th scale. Emphasis will be on the interior only with a faded elegant finish and it will be extremely versatile, with a variety of embellishments and elements. Could be suitable for a wide range of uses, we have no plans at this stage to include any contents. More detailed information will be available in the autumn. 

We are already compiling a Reserve List so if you are interested in coming, please do get in touch.  Places will be limited. By adding your name to the Reserve List is by no means a commitment on your part. However when booking officially opens, priority will be given to all those on the Reserve List first, before booking goes live to the general public.
Celia & Robin