Friday, 6 January 2012

Some pics of the little shed at last!

Happy New Year to all our customers.....we hope you had a fantastic festive season.
At long last we are able to show you some photos of the 1/12th scale shed for those of you who are booked for our exciting all day workshop at Waterperry Gardens in March. 

Sorry for the delay in getting the pics to you but we wanted to get this all just perfect before we showed you!

We have actually found it quite difficult to plan this project, in order to make it suitable for both beginners and experienced miniaturists alike, and that could be made in the time scale available to us....but we think you will be pleased. We have had such a brilliant time planning and creating it all.
This old shed was the old wash house or outhouse almost a century ago....that long fell into ruin. All that’s left of the original building being the back and a side rendered wall, with some bricks clearly visible where rendering has fallen away.

Replacement wooden walls added later were built so many years previously that now they too show signs of disrepair. The rusty corrugated iron roof (replacement of a once tiled roof), rickety old door and weather beaten window all just about keep the rain out.

Even some of the contents could well have originated from decades ago....
Participants of The Little Old Garden Shed Workshop will have a choice of an aged wood colour as seen here or an aged white wood finish,  plus an additional choice of an aged wooden colour, white, black or pale blue door. The kits will come with a ready made up right side and front panel by us so don't are not making absolutely everything from scratch! But by having panels already made, it does mean that we can concentrate on teaching various creative techniques that you have not used yet in any of our previous workshops, such as creating old looking rendered walls where some old bricks are exposed......great fun!

Some of the contents of the shed will not be included in the basic kit and have been used for staging only, such as the watering can, sack, bottles on shelf and trug. However instructions, along with materials for  fittings such as table and shelf plus accessories as seen above, will be included.....there will also be landscaping and one or two other little extra goodies as always, included in the kit.

We hope to bring you photos of the 1/24th scale prototype shortly, that will be painted in an aged white colour with a coloured illustrate another variation of finishing. Sorry but all spaces are now filled for this workshop. Invoices plus full information will be posted out at the end of January to all those that have paid a deposit. We are both very much looking forward to this Waterperry workshop....hope you are too.

Meanwhile, booking is now open for our equally exciting The Little Vintage Hall Workshop that is taking place on April 29th and we currently have plenty of spaces available. So please don't hesitate to contact either of us if you would like to come.