Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Two More Little Gems.....By Geraldine & Maureen

Further to our last posting on here we have had more photos dropping into our inboxes of some wonderful creations from ladies who attended our  June
And now we are delighted to be able to share them with you all!

 First up....just see what Geraldine has done with her door.....what a super idea!
Geraldine wanted a stained glass effect just in the corner of her door she used coloured paper and tiny "glass jewels". Very clever indeed and quite effective!

 And Now to Maureen's little shop....
Maureen decided to change the look of  front and sides from the original plans, and instead of drawing on the bricks over a painted finish, she used Das (air drying clay) to make the large vintage style bricks and gave them a slightly distressed finish. They are quite effective and Maureen has done a super job!
Maureen and her husband are members of the same dolls house club in the Midlands, and her husband has also had great pleasure with this project, by making some of the toys in the shop....his creations are on the floor. He also made the counter and corner stands. He used some of the ideas from one of Jane Harrop's wonderful books and Maureen thinks that they complement the ones included with our workshop kit very well.
We think so too!
Well done ladies and thank you for sharing your photos with us. 
Please do keep the photos of your workshop creations coming....we would love to see what you do with the workshop projects and how you incorporate your own ideas.
Celia & Robin