Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Some Super Creations And Lovely Feedback!

These past few days we have both been thrilled with the feedback from many of the 20 ladies who attended our first "Over The Little Garden Fence Workshop" last Sunday.

We have received comments such as "Lovely afternoon, clear instructions and easy to follow", "Nice to meet new people, very friendly facilitators!" and "Great, I have never done this before but really achieved something."

We have also received some super photos of some of the completed creations and with the creators permission, we are delighted to be able to show you two of these completed little gardens here now.

The images above are of Karen Holt's gorgeous 1/24th scale garden and she says "I am delighted with the finished project."  We love the way Karen has constructed her fence with some wonky uprights, added some of her own personal ideas and touches such as the sunflower,  and has captured a real sense of  a vintage country garden with her delightful little plot.

These next two photos are of the little 1/24th scale garden made by Jennie Moss and her interpretation of the same little project is different again, fact Jennie's fence is in even more of a state of disrepair, including a broken upright!  As with Karen's garden, we love how Jennie has added her own personal touches to her little patch and we think that the photos of this little garden are guarenteed to make you smile as included are two of Robins little creations plus a cockerel.

We would both like to say a BIG THANK YOU to both Karen and Jennie for allowing us to show their exquisite creations on here.

If any of the other ladies who attended the workshop last Sunday would like to show us their completed garden, please don't hesitate to forward your pics to either of us, we would love to see them....our contact details are on the website.  

Monday, 27 June 2011

Nice Tidy Sum Raised For Breast Cancer Campaign!

We raised a lovely £44.10 in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign at yesterday's workshop, this was made up from proceeds of the raffle and refreshments. Thank you to everyone who contributed.  

Congratulations to Janet and Janet....who between them won the two raffle prizes!

Loads of photos of yesterday's workshop are now live on the website in Workshop Gallery 2 -


Over the Little Garden Fence - on Sunday!!

'Over the Little Garden Fence Workshop' made it's debut yesterday - on a blazing hot Sunday afternoon!

We are very fortunate to have a lovely light and airy new building, the Girl Guiding Headquarters in Thame, Oxfordshire as our venue for the half-day workshops.....but it was SO HOT that I think the glue and paint were drying almost as soon as they were squirted out!

However, despite us all melting, our lovely group of cheery, and enthusiastic ladies enjoyed the afternoon and took home some very accomplished projects and the little gardens being created made it a happy and successful first workshop.

A Huge thank you them all for coming along and being such super 'students'!!
Thanks too to family and special friends who gave us a hand on the much appreciated!

We have some pictures...which will appear in a little while....we have learned a lot...we've had a lovely time!

Booking is now open on the website for "Down the Little Garden Path Workshop" on September 18th and a re-run for those who missed "Over the little Garden Fence Workshop" on October 23rd. Places are limited so do take a look.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Workshop Imminent......Display Table

Our first OVER THE LITTLE GARDEN FENCE WORKSHOP is now imminent....this Sunday....and all is prepared. We are trying to anticipate any hitches....but there is a limit.

Bit of a fluster a couple of days ago when signs started to appear around Thame that main roads were going to be closed on Sunday....aaagh!! And I could not work out how people were going to be able to get to the venue!! However, a quick dash up to the Town Hall revealed that there was no need to was only going to be for an hour early on Sunday morning due to some huge road race where 1,000 people will be running round that's ok then! Phew.

Below are some photos of items that will be on the Display Table on Sunday, to give people an illustration of the type of atmosphere/look we will be endeavouring to create in future workshops. Most will be available to purchase on the day and have been made by both of us.

On Monday we will start taking bookings for our 2nd workshop project.....


This is taking place on Sunday 18th September. If anyone is interested, you will be able to download a booking form off the website or failing that, just get in touch with either of us (contact details on website) and we can reserve a place for you whilst the booking form is sent to you.
We strongly advise to book early to avoid disappointment.....
See our website for full details:


Saturday, 18 June 2011


Well, with just a week away from the very first workshop, all is in place and ready to go. Both Robin and I will have some of our handmade little bits on display on the day in both scales, some of which can be purchased. However, they will be there mainly to illustrate the kind of "feel" that we are trying to achieve with our whole series of workshops, serve as inspiration for you and give a hint of things to come !
Even old kitchen utensils have a place in our kind of garden!

Our kind of garden is not of the formal kind ...oh most definitely no ......but very much of the informal variety where everything is relaxed and time stands still. We have visions of a rambling, slightly unkept kind of country cottage sort of garden but at the same time, a very much loved one.
The old garden tools maybe a little on the rusty side but we like to think they have been well used!

The paint on the picket fence may be in need of  a lick of paint, tools might be a tad rusty, weeds may be very much at home but amongst everything is a lovely, calm paradise of the old fashioned variety. 

Yep, rusty bits are in abundance!

In our kind of would even have time to chat over the fence to the neighbour, probably moaning yet again about the British weather and sharing tips on terminating slugs, with a mug of tea in one hand and a trowel in the other....aaah!
A discarded old kettle complete with birds nest......and a robin perches himself on an old bucket.
Wildlife is very much at home in our kind of garden. Birds happily nest wherever is convenient, even if it happens to be in an old discarded kettle.
This cockrel is "strutting his stuff " amongst the pots and bricks
There might even be an occasional chicken or cockerel.
Ice plants, sempiverens etc in stone planters and randomly growing amongst the rocks.
And finally.....we mustn't forget the variety of foilage and plants which would be found growing in all the nooks and crannies as well as properly assigned planters and stone sinks.
We hope you share our vision of this kind of garden.

If you would like to attend one of our workshops to tackle various projects, please check out our website and don't hesitate to get in touch with either Celia or Robin (contact details on website) if you need futher information.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Not Long Now...Are We Ready....?

It's just over a week to our workshop 'Over the Little Garden Fence'......are we ready....Ummmm.....yes!

Celia and I are looking forward to the day - technically half a day - and had a bit of a check through the sets of instructions and kits for everyone, over coffee this morning.
We have already checked the other important, tea, can you run a workshop without sustenance?

On a more serious note, we also decided upon the items for our small raffle. As many of you will know Celia and her husband established and ran The Thame Dolls House Fair held annually every February, until Felicity and Ron Holland took it over last year; an integral part of this is raising funds for Breast Cancer Campaign and we both felt we wanted to continue to support this valuable charity in our own small way.

As we are creating gardens in both 1/12th and 1/24th scales, the lucky winners can choose their prizes from original items from us both, in the two scales.

Little seed trays, complete with bulbs, seed packets a trowel and watering can.

Aged old garden planters filled with geraniums, trailing plants and ivy.

Welcome to our first Followers - we very much hope that whether you are attending a workshop or not, you will enjoy hearing about our new venture.


Saturday, 11 June 2011


Apart from being friends we share a passionate interest in creating miniatures that have a real nostalgic feel with that much loved, well used and realistic look.
As experienced professional miniaturists, we have both enjoyed collaborating on numerous miniature projects over the years.  Consequently it just seemed a natural progression to use our different but complementary skills in a series of workshops for enthusiasts who would like to create an original scene of their own, sharing in our ideas and expertise within a relaxed atmosphere. So here we are, embarking on a brand new joint venture for us both, alongside our each individual businesses.......
We have been working hard getting our brand new website together which gives all the information on our various workshops.

We are very much looking forward to our very first workshop that is being held in two weeks time on June 26th - Over The Little Garden Fence Workshop which is taking place in Thame. This workshop booked up very quickly, therefore we are running it all over again on October 23rd.