Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Comes Early...On a Rainy Saturday

Saturday 24th November was one of those really rainy days - awful weather!!  However, everyone attending our last workshop of the year at the Thame Guide HQ, made it safely and we started the day with coffee to the hugely happy sounds of the Zumba class in the next hall.  It was a great start to a hardworking but fun-filled day.

When Father Papered the Parlour...The Week Before Christmas 
This was the theme for our all day workshop and it really did enthuse everyone; the room boxes took on their owners'  individual touches as the day progressed, which is particularly pleasing for us to see. 

Our workshop participants learned a new way of creating a lovely wooden floor, built a beautiful tiled fireplace with a unique tiled hearth specially created for this workshop using a vintage tile as the starting point for the design. 

Lots of fun was had deciding how to design the wallpaper! Presented with a series of suggestions, options, printing sticks, paint and pens, each lady produced her own individual wallpaper by embellishing and enhancing a simple craft paper. The results were stunning!! Then of course the wallpapering and pasting began....and finally some Christmas decorations that poor 'Mother' was hoping to hang up....

One of the stunning wallpapers that were created in 1/12th scale, and the start of the fireplace
No Christmas event would be complete without chocolates, mince pies and mulled wine (thanks Jennie) - LOVELY - and a Christmas Raffle!!
She looks happy with her Christmas prize!
This is the second year of Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops  - and attendees to our workshops always so very generously support our fundraising for Breast Cancer Campaign, through our small raffles and refreshments. We'd both like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has so kindly contributed and are delighted to tell you all that the total raised at the November workshop was £40.40, which brings the total raised over the four 2012 workshops to a rather wonderful....£163.65. 

A cheque will be sent off  to the charity shortly.

And now....the two of us are getting on with the business of detailed planning and building of the next project Underneath the Old Arbour which we will show you in the New Year. Booking for this all day workshop at the prestigious and wonderful Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire has already opened - half the places are filled - so if you are tempted to treat yourself to an early Christmas present, do hop over to the website for all the details and a downloadable Booking Form without delay.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Happy Sunday Making.....The Other Room!

Where could you have more fun - productive fun at that - than in Thame on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

Last Sunday was spent at our final half-day workshop of the year.  Another lovely day with a group of enthusiastic and talented ladies of varying abilities who were there to create our unique project of 'The Vintage Hall.....The Other Room'. This additional little room  was designed to butt onto the hall from the previous workshop undertaken earlier in the year.

In each workshop we endeavour to introduce new techniques and original ideas - all designed to inspire the participants to go on to create their own original projects using the different skills they've learned.  So this time we had more new features such as a super arched window- components supplied by Malcolm's Miniatures. Each of our ladies painted a wonderful landscape behind and added some real foliage to suggest trees or bushes outside, which created a vivid 3D effect. To complete the project, other unique features were introduced including.....sliding doors and authentic 1930s lino!

That wall is coming along nicely! We love seeing earlier projects that may have had the finishing touches added later. Can you see Janet's little old shed on the table...magnificent!
 It was the first time that some of the ladies had ever painted a landscape - they were all really good (and they enjoyed it!)
Didn't they do well!!!!
The participants built on their previous experience to age the walls of the room, adding skirting and dado rails.  They also had the option to make either 1930s lino or floor-boards. Finishing touches were curtains and windows prepared for a wartime setting if required, a slatted bench or shelf and vintage posters.

At each workshop we raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign by offering refreshments and a small  raffle featuring our original work as prizes.
Prizes this time consisted of an aged cardboard box of books by Celia of course (in her very distinct KT Miniatures style)! Plus a teapot, cake  and a special catering size WI teapot by Robin (in her also very distinct Coombe Crafts style)! All prizes were offered in both 1/12th and 1/24th scales. 

Congratulations to the prize winners and we are thrilled to tell you that at this last workshop a grand total of £48.00 was raised from the raffle and refreshements. Thank you ladies for your is very much appreciated.

When our final workshop of the year is over one very big cheque will be sent off to the charity on behalf of all our ladies who have attended our workshops this year.

Our November Workshop...

Our next workshop is our Christmas 'extravaganza' ......which is now fully booked, but you may enjoy seeing the video of this project and details of future workshops on our Website.

Finally.........We Are Pleased To Announce That Booking Is Now Open For Next April 7th Workshop To Be Held At Waterperry Gardens!!

Our 2013 calendar of workshops begins with 'Underneath the Old Arbour' - our venue is once again the inspirational and popular Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire. 

We are very excited about this project and it appears that so are many of you too, as already 13 places have been definitvely booked. Therefore that means just 7 possible places remain so please get in touch if you would like to come!
For full details including exactly what we will be making plus a downloadable booking form can be found on the following promotional page:

Monday, 22 October 2012

A Mini Workshop In Celia's Kitchen & A Video Of Our Christmas Special!

The Little Vintage Hall....The Other Room Workshop

Those of you who attend our workshops regularly will know that our September workshop had to be postponed whilst Celia recovered from an operation. The brilliant news is that she is back to her old smiley self once more,  so our re-arranged  September workshop is taking place next Sunday 28th October.  However a couple of lovely ladies who had originally booked for the September workshop, could not make the new October date .....but with some juggling of diaries, we were able to arrange for them to attend a mini workshop in Celia's kitchen yesterday afternoon instead and what a time we had....they were great company!
Jennie and Mel brought along their finished vintage hall projects from the last workshop and were eager to get cracking on their "little room" that will fit onto the end of their "little hall".
The ladies particularly enjoyed creating their scenes that will be viewed through the window.
Didn't they do well!!!

A BEFORE PIC - Jenny made us a cake to partake in!
AN AFTER PIC - It was delicious!
Jennie provided cake to help keep our energy levels up.....and much creativity ensued.

 Jennie is setting her scene in wartime so here she is undertaking the tricky task (with a little help) of taping up her window in a criss cross fashion.

So ladies....for those of you who are coming on Sunday, the above photos will give you a taster of things to come! Look forward to seeing you prompt at 2.00pm at Thame Guide HQ. Sorry, we are  not able to provide a sales table this time.....but will have a little something for our usual  Breast Cancer Campaign Raffle.
See you on Sunday.

And Now.....DaDa...drum role please.......a short video of our Christmas Special!!!!

When Father Papered The Parlour....A Week Before Christmas Workshop
You will need your speakers on to hear the song......

We can squeeze maybe four more people in for this workshop, if you would like to come.
All day workshop on Saturday November 24th at Thame in Oxfordshire. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Back Up and Running.....

Actually we're more walking than running - but after our unavoidable break, it's really nice to be getting back to normal, working on completing the kits for  The Little Vintage Hall - The Other Room Workshop which is taking place on October 28th.
A rare glimpse of Celia's the moment awash with all kinds of components for the next workshop!
Celia is on precision wood-cutting and doing clever things with lino while Robin is trawling through masses of fabric in the search for suitable curtains and blackout material!

The Christmas Special Workshop

Meanwhile we are also working on the plans and prototypes for our full day workshop which is taking place on Saturday 24th November in Thame, Oxfordshire at The Thame Girl Guiding Headquarters.......
If you haven't taken a look at the details yet, click on the above link where you will find everything including a downloadable booking form and a super rendition of the 1910 Musical Hall song that inspired us to create this project.....that on it's own is fun to listen to! However it won't be compulsory to sing the song on the day.....honest!LOL!!!!!!

Here is a flavour of what we will be doing at our Xmas Special.......
We will be making a little Edwardian scene in either 1/12th or 1/24th scale, with an MDF base, back and  two side walls plus a chimney breast. Attendees will also be shown how to fix wooden skirting, picture rails, create a magnificent Edwardian wooden fireplace (with mock tiles), design and create simple vintage style wallpaper and partly paper the room with it, just like father. We will also be making lots of other little details -  such as floorboards in a new technique not shown in our workshops before,  a crate (for father to stand on), a brush, a paper hanger's pail of paste, scissors, an old fashioned table, Edwardian Christmas cards and a box of Christmas decorations tumbling out.

Last year everyone enjoyed the half-day Christmas workshop but it would have been lovely to have had longer - so after taking on board all your feedback, that's what we're doing this will be ALL DAY.   There are even rumours of mulled wine, mince pies and chocolate.....again!

At the time of writing this blog, there are now only places left available. All details and a downloadable Booking Form can be found on the official promotional page on our website....
As this is quite an extensive project, spaces are limited so do get in touch asap to avoid disappointment. This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners and experienced alike!!!!
Looking Ahead To Our 2013 Workshops
It is quite daunting to think that we're now in the last few months of 2012 and hard to believe that our first workshop of 2013 is already being planned and researched and finally has a name ..........
Underneath The Old Arbour
.......and the date is confirmed as 7th April.
As the name suggests this will be another in our popular little old garden series and will be a full day workshop once again at the wonderful Waterperry Gardens at Wheatley, Oxfordshire. We will be creating a unique setting which can stand alone or sit next to your own dolls house and if you previously did our other garden projects, it can be added on to these.
Full details will be available shortly but we do have a provisional Booking List if you would like to be added to it. However, that list is very long already so do contact us in order to reserve a place!

Meanwhile we are already working on other new ideas for scenes and settings next year, which as always we hope will be fun, and deliver unique projects using our own tried and tested techiques as well as introducing new ones to create gently faded and nostalgic scenes that have a vintage feel.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Robin and Celia

Friday, 3 August 2012

Important Announcement

As many of you will know, my chum and partner  Celia Thomas (KT MIniatures) has recently undergone surgery and is now recuperating. As happens sometimes this is taking rather longer than anticipated.

In the light of this we have reluctantly decided that in fairness to everyone to POSTPONE our next scheduled Workshop - 'The Little Vintage Hall - The Other Room'.

The original date for this was September 9th and at present I am hoping to rearrange to 28th October - the venue and other arrangements remain the same and we very much hope that those participants who are booked will be able to come on this proposed new date.

It has also been decided to CANCEL the Workshop  - 'What's On in the Little Vintage Hall' - arranged For 21st October, also in The Thame Girl Guide Headquarters. We are really sorry about this, but it seems a sensible decision before further bookings are taken. All participants on this and other workshops are being contacted via our regular Newsletter which has just been sent out.
Our website has now been amended but I hope that in any case you'll enjoy visiting this  - seeing what we've all been creating and what is planned.

Celia has received many kind messages and I'd like to thank you all on her behalf.

While my chum is 'off duty' - could I please ask you to Contact ME direct on with any queries or enquiries. Further details are also on the website.
If you try and contact us through the website or KT Miniatures - you won't get a reply I'm afraid, until she's back up and bouncing, which hopefully won't be too long.
Many thanks for your patience and your continued interest in our work.


Thursday, 28 June 2012


We are delighted to announce that we have just released details and booking for our all day Christmas Special Workshop that is to take place at Thame Girl Guide HQ in Thame, Oxfordshire on Saturday 24th November 2012.  The workshop is to be called...

If you listen to this little video you will be able to hear the famous Australian Billy Williams sing this c1910 song.

This project consists of an MDF base with a back plus two side walls and a chimney breast. You will be shown how to fix wooden skirting, picture rails, make a magnificent Edwardian wooden fireplace (with mock tiles), make your own wallpaper and partly paper your room just like father, floorboards in a new technique not shown in our workshops before, a crate (for father to stand on), a brush, a paper hanger's pail of paste, scissors, a table, Edwardian Christmas cards and a box of Christmas decorations tumbling out. 

This is a versatile project and you do not have to set it at Christmas or indeed have it as a part decorated can wallpaper the entire room if you wish.

This will be great fun to do and numbers will have to be early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. You can bring your own lunch or walk up to Thame High Street and experience one of our wonderful many eating places available. Tea and coffee will be readily available all day in return for a voluntary donation to Breast Cancer Campaign.

The workshop will begin at 10.00 and end at 4.00.
For full details and a downloadable booking form, please click on the now live promotional page on our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops website.

You can contact Robin on:
Tel: 01844 213022

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lots To Tell You About Our Workshops!

Ok.....for those of you who do not receive our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops can catch up with our latest workshop news on here. To say that both of us have been working our little socks off behind the workshop scenes lately is an understatement.

But first....

Those of you who follow my KT Miniatures website will have seen that as from June 30th, I'm shutting temporarily for a few weeks whilst I undergo some surgery plus consequently undertake some downtime after in order to recuperate. However I have every intention of being back again as soon as possible by the beginning of August, if not before. It does mean that I will not only be offline throughout July but uncontactable by phone too....therefore please direct all communication about our workshops to Robin.
Many thanks

Robin's Email Address:

We are delighted to say that the prototype for this next little project is now complete and we are beginning to turn our attention to making up the kits. A great deal of thought has gone into how this project is put together in order for participants to find it easy and enjoyable. The is project is actually quite versatile and varied choices can be made at several stages of the construction so you can make this to suit your needs.

Through an arched window a painted 3D view will be seen.  The flooring is a unique 1930s mock lino created especially and exclusively for this project however if you wish to have floorboards instead then materials will be provided for those too.

The sliding doors do actually slide.
For those of you who wish to set this scene in wartime, we will show you how to tape up the windows WW2 style plus include blackout material with curtains.
This is an utterly unique project that can be attached to the previous project of The Little Vintage Hall if wished. Alternatively if you have not attended the previous workshop, this project can stand alone as a little scene in its own right.


We are delighted to announce that booking for this October workshop is now open. Although this is a perfect project to end The Little Vintage Hall Series on, the project is suitable for anyone who has never participated in any of our workshops before as these components are versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings.   
We will be giving you materials and teaching you how to make a 1930s tea urn, two wooden trestle tables, real fabric bunting, a card table and blackboard. Plus you wil be making two loose mock cardboard table tops with cloths and given ideas to create a whole variety of scenes.
We can accomodate up to 18-20 people for this workshop which is more component based therefore less intense so if there is a group of friends who wish to attend en masse....we may be able to accomodate you. 


NEW DATE!!! April 7th..... For Our 2013 All Day Waterperry Gardens Workshop
At last we have been able to provisionally book the 7th April 2012 for our next all day workshop at Waterperry Gardens. Please note that this date is currently provisional but we hope to have written confirmation any day now. At the moment we are still in the early stages of planning the project but in order to tempt you....let's just say that we will be moving outdoors again....we think you'll like it!
As before, spaces will be limited to 20. If you would like to place your name on a short list and register your interest in attending, then please contact Robin asap. Details will appear on the website very soon. Already, we only have a potential of 14 spaces 6 people have reserved spaces.


Here you can enjoy a view of all four Little Vintage Garden projects all together. Please put your speakers on to enjoy the music too.....


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Looking Back at the Old Garden Shed...and gardens

One of the nicest things for all of us, is that we can never truly say that our miniature projects are finished.....and it's true of all the gardens and garden sheds that have been completed thus by our lovely participants in the Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops.

So every now and again we are thrilled when another picture arrives in our inbox to discover that one of the little gardens has grown a clump of holly hocks....or a  series of paths now links three gardens and a shed....a bird has flown in or bulbs are being planted.  The garden sheds are so individual too, reflecting perhaps a keen interest in gardening or an old chap's shed with the odd chair in need of repair and his tools to hand.

The sheds themselves are in various states of dilapidation...there are patched and mossy corrugated roofs and beautifully aged, crumbling woodwork - in a number of colours and scruffiness. All the attendees have both excelled themselves - and perhaps surprised themselves.

The old adage - you don't know what you can do until you try - is demonstrated at each workshop.
Special thanks to Julie, Karen,Alison and Maggie for providing such splendid photographs of their beautiful creations and allowing us to share them with you. Sadly it isn't possible to use all the photographs that are so kindly sent to us, but we endeavour to show more on the website and will have more on the Blog another time.

The most recent Workshop - The Little Vintage Hall- was another lively and successful afternoon and we shared very different techniques in creating a unique old village hall set in the late 1930s/early 1940s. We're hoping to have some super pictures of this one up soon!
A hint of things to come...............
The follow up workshop to The Little Vintage Hall is The Other Room  -  just that - a smaller room that can added to the hall or stand alone. It isn't necessary to have done the first workshop to take part in this one and there are still a couple of places available for booking.

The workshop is on 9th September at Thame Girl Guiding Headquarters in Thame. All the details for this one and the next two workshops to be held this year are on our NOSTALGIA IN MINIATURE are lots of pictures!

Meanwhile - we are 'distempering' old walls and laying the lino ready for the next workshop prototype......and what fun it will be coming shortly.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Little Vintage Hall Workshop - Last Sunday!

On a very wet and blustery day, the very first workshop in our new theme of The Little Vintage Hall kicked off at Thame Girlguiding HQ. Due to severe gales and torrential rain, we had been told that damage had been done to the roof, and to expect buckets and bowls catching the drips in the kitchen area. So it was with some trepidation that we arrived to prepare for the workshop....but all was well and the drips were contained.
Everyone enthusiastically launched into the project, working at their own pace and getting their hands very dirty!

With newly learnt skills and techniques of cardboard floorboards, aging walls etc.....participants produced some impressive halls that looked like they had been around for decades! Then at the end, everyone could take their projects, with the remainder of their kits and instructions to complete at home in their own time.

Do let us have photos of your completed projects ladies - we would love to see them!

As always, we created a little sales table with various miniatures to look at and buy, and  used some of our own period memorabilia to provide a backdrop.

And finally.......we are pleased to announce that a wonderful £34.25 has been raised from the Breast Cancer Campaign Raffle & refreshments. Thank you ladies as always, for your wonderful generosity!

Our next workshop and second project in this theme will take place on September 9th.  Booking has now opened and spaces are already being snapped up quickly  for...

We currently have just 4 spaces remaining so if you would like to book, please do get in touch asap.
Celia & Robin