Monday, 4 August 2014

Did You Know Where We Got Inspiration For Our Next Workshop From?

Why not come and join us in some creative fun at the wonderful setting of Bicester Avenue Garden Centre on Saturday 27th September 2014, from 10.30am to 4.30pm. This is just off Junction 9 of the M40, ample free all day parking and lovely large, light and airy room.  Our workshops are relaxed, informal, fun and friendly, you simply work at your own pace with our guidance.

We only have a limited number of spaces left for our September workshop and booking will soon be closing, so if you would like to come - please don't delay in getting in touch with either of us! Full details can be found on the main promotional page, including a downloadable booking form. 

Ever wondered where we get inspiration for some of our workshop projects? Well actually, often it may simply be an illustration in an old woodworker's book, an object in real life or even a place that kick's off our creative ideas. For this particular project, we looked no further than our own back gardens!
This path of old pavers and quarry tiles, along with just two black/grey Victorian edgers,  was created in real life by Celia in her own back garden, which in turn gave us the inspiration for this....

 Slabs intermingled with old quarry tiles, edged in Victorian style rope edging!
In Celia's garden, she has an area with old rescued bricks which were then randomly laid, along with a raised herb bed that is bordered with wooden planking. The whole area is planted up with various alpines, herbs and even lungwort which then gave us the inspiration further for this.....
A miniature raised herb bed bordered with random old mossy covered bricks and quarry tiles, planted up with all kinds of herbs plus yes you've guessed it.....some lungwort! Robin's garden is also filled to the brim with old cottage plants and various herbs....which gave us further inspiration and examples on which to base our project.

So folks....with this project, we shall be making a unique nostalgic herb garden, complete with old pavers, Victorian style rope edging, quarry tiles, old bricks and umpteen variations of our own cottage garden herbs made from a variety of materials....some which may surprise you! 
Amongst some of the many herbs included are comfrey, lungwort, different thymes, chives, parsley, lavender and even a bay tree in a wonderful decorative planter! We have included other plants too such as a climbing rose on a rustic tripod  and even some chard...and each attendee will be given a hand blown glass cloche made especially for us by UK artisan - Ray Storey.
 This particular project is unique and potentially very versatile, so you will be able to adapt the layout and planting to suit your own needs. We will give you more than enough materials in your kit for you to experiment, plus the know how and further ideas to inspire you to push your creative talents as far as you want.  Even if you have been to our workshops before, we will be using some very different techniques and innovative ideas to inspire as always. 

For this particular project, we would recommend the 1/12th scale as the  herb leaves really are weeny and fiddly but if you are experienced and up for a challenge then you may like to have a go with the 1/24th scale. Those of you who came to the Spring Workshop, will recognise the stone wall....but don't worry, this is much smaller and far less time consuming to make compared to that fact, if you really wanted, you could make the little wall at home,  leaving you to concentrate on the planting and landscaping at the actual workshop instead.

Are you tempted.....if so, then do please get in touch with either of us to reserve a place.....we would love to hear from you!