Saturday, 30 July 2011

Already Preparations For September Workshop In Full Swing!

Even though September 18th is still a few weeks away, preparations for our Down The Little Garden Path Workshop are well under way. Spaces are beginning to fill up for this September workshop however we do have a few more spaces available. It is advisable to book now to avoid disappointment.

These cold frames are being tweaked, easy to read instructions being worked out and with the 1/124th scale frame standing next to the 1/12th frame, you can see the huge difference in size.

Somewhat less exciting, but just as necessary, is the basic the good old miniature standby of tea for soil, means that tea-bags are being collected and the contents dried out!
We're having an old fashioned compost 'bin' made of posts and chicken wire, so two different sized net is sprayed silver ready to be aged and on the day. Now to create the compost itself.....

Celia & Robin


  1. Hi, maybe you like this project, greetings from the Netherlands , Karina

  2. It's a wonderful project! Thank you Karina.