Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Not Long Now...Are We Ready....?

It's just over a week to our workshop 'Over the Little Garden Fence'......are we ready....Ummmm.....yes!

Celia and I are looking forward to the day - technically half a day - and had a bit of a check through the sets of instructions and kits for everyone, over coffee this morning.
We have already checked the other important, tea, can you run a workshop without sustenance?

On a more serious note, we also decided upon the items for our small raffle. As many of you will know Celia and her husband established and ran The Thame Dolls House Fair held annually every February, until Felicity and Ron Holland took it over last year; an integral part of this is raising funds for Breast Cancer Campaign and we both felt we wanted to continue to support this valuable charity in our own small way.

As we are creating gardens in both 1/12th and 1/24th scales, the lucky winners can choose their prizes from original items from us both, in the two scales.

Little seed trays, complete with bulbs, seed packets a trowel and watering can.

Aged old garden planters filled with geraniums, trailing plants and ivy.

Welcome to our first Followers - we very much hope that whether you are attending a workshop or not, you will enjoy hearing about our new venture.


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  1. Just to add that for anyone coming to the workshop....the raffle tickets will be £1.00 each and can only be purchased by those that are attending the workshop on the day. We are intending to run a raffle for the charity at all of our workshops - with the prizes relevant to the workshop project. Hope you like them!Celia